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Maintain control with easy to manage payment facilities including stored cards and account maintenance.

Transfer funds from your Naspay business or personal account to your private bank for instant ATM withdrawals.

Naspay aims to accommodate our audiences regardless of geographical locations.

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Your customers want simple, consistent buying experience on the web, mobile and in-store. Which is why our platform is fully omnichannel - zero interruptions and disruptions, smooth and secure experience, every time.

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new system

Entirely new system

Being a team of people with vast experience in the industry, we got together to build an entirely new secure system. It’s said that perfection is impossible to reach, however we strive to create something unique in terms of user experience, security and modern trends in the industry.
cross-platform payments

Cross-Platform Payments

Naspay provides flawless online payment processing for the majority of online platforms, spread throughout the globe, with a single API integration. You no longer need to struggle with compatibility issues or lose your time solving technical problems. Focus on revenue sources and our experts will do the rest.
complete toolset

Complete toolset for managing online business

Our proprietary gateway along with interfaces linked to applications, created specifically for internet businesses, will lace your business with a toolset to provide timely online trading.

Expand your scope to grow globally

We sincerely appreciate the relationship we have with developed and also growing businesses that choose Naspay. As well as established corporations, we warmly welcome innovative new concepts, projects and start-ups into our family of businesses.

Versatile and flexible API

One integration to go Global. Sounds too promising however this is exactly what you get with Naspay. We will make sure you get the best local ecommerce solutions and payment methods, anywhere you want to go!

                "id": "213092fffb854835b3f5f0ca152b9b2a",
                "created": "2017-02-12T08:49:36.524Z",
                "updated": "2017-02-12T08:50:02.431Z",
                "type": "PURCHASE",
                "state": "COMPLETED",
                "amount": 115.01,
                "currency": "USD",
                "merchantTransactionId": "tx-d4345dd2a0e",
                "description": "Order #322",
                "links": [{
                      "href": "https://naspay.com/api/v1/transactions/213092fffb854835b3f5f0ca152z9b1a",
                      "rel": "self"


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