5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Smart Cashier Software

In order to successfully operate a business of any kind (or size), one of the main things you need is a helpful monitoring system that keeps everything in order.

To begin with, with a smart cashier platform you can track your company’s progress, understand what makes your customers happy, and with the right integration enhance your profits.

If you’re not convinced, here are 5 important reasons why your business needs a smart cashier software.

Organisation is King

Convenient accessibility through technology is a must nowadays.

Customers expect to have a fast and efficient experience when making any online purchase, and that’s a fact.

In order to provide your clients with this ultimate payments experience, however, you have to be organized yourself.

Whether you’re selling a product or a service, it’s important to organize your company’s statistics, payment methods, clientele, and keep track of literally everything going on in your business.

With the hundreds of integrations available on our Naspay Cashier, you can select the right payment method for your brand, market, and customer base.

Additionally, with Naspay’s simple and convenient calendar view, you have access to all of your past, current and upcoming settlements, track them live, easily and accurately.

This way, you can easily monitor numerous websites, brands, industries, and automatically create detailed customer profiles, all within one interface.

Data is Queen

Besides giving you the ultimate financial monitoring experience, the Naspay Cashier can help you organize all of your funds’ statistics and data.

By having all of this information gathered, it will help you monitor the business’ progress over time, and improve your marketing strategy.

Happy customers are loyal customers, and that’s the target audience that will eventually boost your company’s profits.

If you want to keep your clients happy though, you need to get to know them.

Therefore, by securely gathering data with Naspay’s help, you will create a strong clientele database.

Additionally, with our Big Data providers, we identify the country and bank of a card. Unlike the majority of solutions in the market, we identify the card geography with 100% precision.

Save Money

Having a declined card every now and then is not unusual, but if it happens frequently, it could be costly for the merchant.

With our cascading chains, however, we aim to resolve any declined card issues automatically while boosting conversion rates.

In the unfortunate event of having a declined card by the first PSP, the transfer will be automatically redirected to a different one.

Thanks to the AI technology our system will save the details of the last PSP who accepted the last transfer and therefore send it directly to it next time.

As a result, the transaction can be completed from the first try the following time, and the merchant shall not be billed the declined transactions.

This way, your business eventually saves money on fees.

Track The Cash

Tracking any transactions made is another significant reason why a business could use smart cashier software.

For each and every processor you’re using, our Naspay Cashier will give you the reason behind a declined payment.  

This information can also be renamed in order to give you full control over your business’ cataloguing.

Safety First

Besides giving you the ultimate financial monitoring experience, our priority is always the security of sensitive information such as card numbers, documents, names, and identification.

Which is why we have a PCI DSS Level 1, in order to safely store and tokenize cards.

Therefore, our Naspay cashier offers your business highly secure technology when storing such sensitive information.

Everything You Need

Smart cashier platforms are here to take your business to the next level.

With the thriving technology available to us today, you can track, organize and monitor your business’ payments, know your target audience, look at analytics, and increase the effectiveness of your marketing strategy, all at once on a single platform.

Now, you can have top-level technology through a one-time integration of existing and future processors, putting them all under one roof. 

So, what are you waiting for? 😊