Apple Credit Card: Welcome to the Future of Online Payments

Apple has been on the forefront of innovation since introducing the iPhone back in 2007. The journey we’ve been through the past decade with Apple products has seen milestones such as tablets, laptops, headphones and even an Apple TV. And don’t get us wrong, it’s not like Apple is the first one to invent these devices. By all means, no.

What the company based in Cupertino does better than anyone else on the market is filter these devices through their minimal and mind-numbingly simple lens and create products that change the relationship between user and machine.

In their latest special event, Apple announced the arrival of the Apple Credit Card in collaboration with Goldman Sachs and Mastercard. You know what that means, right? That the credit world will never be the same.

Stay with us.

Apart from the absolutely stunning minimal and intuitive design of the app that works in tandem with the card, Apple pushed the boundaries of personal finance, giving people things they always wanted but never knew whether they were possible. Let’s take a look.


The magic word every credit card holder wants to hear. What did the Apple experts do to make this word even more appealing? 3% cashback on Apple purchases, 2% cashback on all other purchases using Apple Pay, and 1% cashback on purchases with the physical card. Interesting piece of information, it’s a card made of titanium.

Apart from the obvious card offers in extremely high percentages, Apple is using the credit card as both a means to increase circulation of money within its ecosystem as well as incentivise merchants and customers to utilise and accept Apple Pay. Furthermore, the cashback will be added to your account on a daily basis without special conditions or asterisks attached to it.

This article explores the features of the newly launched Apple Credit Card and what it means for the online payments sector.


There are none. No annual fee. No hidden charges.


This is where Apple get to be Apple. The app on your iphone is their digital playground. The app looks as you would expect, clean, sharp, minimal. Stats like your real time account balance, countdown for payments due, and daily/weekly spending activity are categorised and segmented in such a way that you can use the app as a budgeting tool.

The fun doesn’t stop there though as Apple never stops pushing the boundaries. The app enables consumers to make informed decisions on their monthly payments based on how it will affect interest rates.

Not impressed yet? How about the fact that you can now make multiple monthly payments in order to reduce interest charges and you can do all of that straight from the app? Oh yes. The app does that as well.

For any questions you might have, support is merely a message away.


The online payments space has been growing and maturing for quite some time but there are always certain milestones along the way that tell you how much the industry has come and more importantly, outline where the industry is heading. The launch of the Apple Credit Card is one of those milestones as it clearly paves a new pathway for online payments and personal finance alike.