Result Codes

Result codes explains

Here you can see a list of result codes which can be obtained in the code field of Error object.


The response codes are a subject of change.

Structure of result codes

A result code has the format dd.dd.ddd, i.e. 3 groups of numbers.

The result code consists of 3 parts:

  • source – occurred error or 00 for successful result
  • category – defines system layer on which the result has occurred or subgroup
  • reason – specified details of the result

The codes are split into rough groups by the first number (source), then into more detailed sub-groups by the second number (category), then into the exact code by the third number (reason).

First group defines the source of the error:

Error Sources

Codes Error Source Operation successful Customer KYC provider 3D-Secure Bank-Acquirer Bank-Issuer System errors

Second group defines the category of the error:

Error Categories

Codes Error Category General category Request validation Checkout page Payer Payee Antifraud Blacklists Business rules Card Data Communication issues Malfunction

The last group defines the exact reason of the error.
Some reasons are listed below:

Error Reasons

Codes Error Reason
xx.xx.000 General reason
xx.xx.008 Cancel
xx.xx.102 Processing
xx.xx.404 Resource not found
xx.xx.403 Operation forbidden
xx.xx.400 Bad request
xx.xx.405 Method not allowed
xx.xx.408 Processing timeout
xx.xx.422 General decline
xx.xx.502 Routing ruleset not found
xx.xx.406 Unaccepted parameter
xx.xx.019 Card scheme
xx.xx.007 Limits
xx.xx.018 Country
xx.xx.409 Illegal workflow state
xx.xx.417 Not fully 3dsecure
xx.xx.418 Insufficient funds

Example: 02.10.001 (Cancelled by Customer) means:

  • 01 -> Customer
  • 00 -> General
  • 008 -> Cancelled

Complete list of result codes

You can pull a JSON with the result codes by sending a GET request to