Testing Your Integration

Testing mode

We provide a demo environment so you may test your integration before going live.

Demo server host is https://demo.naspay.net and the production server is https://naspay.com.

For DEMO server use:

  • API Token URL https://demo.naspay.net/auth/token
  • API URL https://demo.naspay.net/api/v1

For PRODUCTION server use:

  • API Token URL: https://naspay.com/auth/token
  • API URL: https://naspay.com/api/v1

See API Reference.

Test Cards

Test cards should be used for integration purposes only. Real cards will not be accepted in test mode vice versa test cards will not be accepted on production.

There are a number of predefined cards that are accepted in in test mode. First 6 digits is the card BIN (Bank Identification Number). The only accepted BINs are:

BIN Payment Brand
400 000 VISA
401 200 VISA
490 763 VISA(Germany)
491 700 VISA(UK)
520 000 Master Card
555 500 Master Card
676 300 Maestro

Card Authorization Behavior

Card authorization behavior on demo server is controlled by the digits in specific positions in the card number (PAN). Each position is responsible for behavior of particular operation.

Value “0” in particular position means the success of related operation. Other digits defines an error codes or operation statuses and usually means operation failure.

Digit(n=length) Operation Value Result Description
n-3 Anti-Fraud 0 Success
2 Failure Transaction declined by anti-fraud
4 Authorized Transaction is risky. It will not be captured automatically due to high probability of fraud.
n-2 3D-Secure 0 Success Customer was successfully authenticated
1 Authentication Failed Customer failed or cancelled authentication. Transaction denied.
4 Not 3D-Secure Enrolled Cardholder not participating. Transaction will proceed as non-3D.
n-1 Authorization 0 Success Card authorization will be successful
1-9 Failure

The last digit (n-0) is a control digit, calculated using Luhn algorithm (should be valid).

Let’s consider the card number (PAN) 4000000000000002:

400000 000000 0 0 0 2
1-6 7-(n-4) n-3 n-2 n-1 n-0
BIN Not used, can be anything Ant-Fraud 3D-Secure Authorization Check digit


Card Number Description
4000 0000 0000 0002 3D-Secure Enrolled, Authorization Successful
4000 0000 0000 0010 3D-Secure Enrolled, Authorization will fail
4000 0000 0000 0101 3D-Secure Enrolled, 3D-Secure will fail
4000 0000 0000 2008 3D-Secure Enrolled, Anti-fraud will fail
4000 0000 0000 4004 3D-Secure Enrolled, Anti-fraud will cause transaction to be Authorized even if SALE was requested.
4000 0000 0000 0408 Non-3D-Secure, Authorization Successful
4000 0000 0000 0416 Non-3D-Secure, Authorization will fail

Testing Post-Authorization Operations

Behavior of post-authorization (back-office) operations (Confirm, Reversal, etc.) is controlled by transaction amount (in the currency of the transaction).

Operation 1 – 200 201 – 300 301 – 400 > 400
Refund Success Failure Failure Failure
Confirm (Capture) Success Success Failure Failure
Reversal (Void) Success Failure Failure Failure

Any operation (confirm, reversal or refund) with amount less or equal to 200 will be successful. Any operation with amount greater than 400 will be declined.