Naspay Partnering with PayRetailers

The work never stops here at Naspay. As we’ve said many times before, our team works tirelessly to provide the best online cashier in the market.

Partnerships and collaborations are one of the ways we choose to strengthen our offering. We believe it opens up possibilities, enforces our knowledge and most importantly gives our clients more options.  

Our newest partnership with PayRetailers hits all of the above points. PayRetailers is a PSP mainly focusing on cash payments and online banking with Latin American merchants.

Naspay’s state of the art platform gives you full control over your financial flows through an intuitive interface and matches the highest security standards (PCI DSS Level 1 and GDPR). The combination of PayRetailers and Naspay Cashier creates a formidable tandem, bringing together two services that help each other provide a faster, more efficient experience for the end user.

Denis Kazakov, Naspay’s CEO, said: “We are ecstatic about what this partnership brings to the end user and what it means to Naspay as a whole. PayRetailers help businesses grow by providing a reliable solution to ensure that customers have access to the most advanced and reliable payment services on the market. Utilising the Naspay Cashier only strengthens these capabilities and opens the door to endless possibilities.”

Juan Pablo Jutgla, the CEO of PayRetailers : “The Cashier solution is a must-have tool for the majority of our high-risk customers. We are finally happy to announce our partnership with Naspay, one of the most advanced, efficient and secure Cashiers available on the market.”