NeoPay & Naspay Join Forces To Offer a One-Stop Payments Shop

NeoPay is teaming up with Naspay to offer an all-round service for Forex brokers, gaming businesses, and cryptocurrency exchanges. Both companies are committed to providing a swift and efficient payment process to high-risk industries and beyond.

NeoPay offers personalized payment scenarios and global coverage to businesses and individuals. This unique business process offers clients smart banking and a new experience when transacting with tailored services being only one of many advantage of joining NeoPay.

Naspay’s model features a platform able to accommodate clients from all over the world and provides easy to manage payment facilities. Naspay is the most secure cashier on the market, boasting PCI DSS Level 1 compliance and a robust infrastructure. Its unique AI routing system can boost conversions by automatically allocating transactions to the PSP, Bank or Payment Method with the highest probability of acceptance. Moreover, Naspay brings forward over 100 payment integrations, swift on-demand transactions and convenient, one-click payments.

The partnership supports NeoPay’s focus on strengthening global payments and payment capabilities to existing and new businesses, giving them the opportunity to conduct fast payment operations. In practice, NeoPay will be switching their PSPs on Naspay’s cashier platform where companies can sign up and receive funds from their customers. The business receiving transactions via Naspay will match an IBAN account provided by NeoPay where money can be settled. This collaboration creates a full payments cycle, and a one-stop payments shop.

Stavros Psyllos, CEO of NeoPay, commented: “ Neopay has experience in acquiring, managing and delivering to businesses from a wide range of industries. The collaboration with Naspay is a significant competitive advantage to payments industry providers. The full cycle represents a step up not only for the companies but for the clients and prospective ones as well. The partnership with Naspay accelerates cash flow for companies and helps everyone involved, including partners, to take the business to a new level. The agreement with Naspay confirms our commitment to offer world-class payment scenarios for customers, and NeoPay’s leadership is set to establish a new standard.”

Denis Kazakov, Naspay’s CEO, said: “We are delighted with this partnership initiative, and from where we stand, we see our collaboration with NeoPay a long-term one. NeoPay’s flexibility in terms of payments and our cutting-edge platform will make the payments process for businesses in high-risk industries much easier than with any other existing providers. We are confident that the agreement will yield many successes and milestones.”

All NeoPay clients have the option to apply for customized payment solutions and are encouraged to contact the company for personalized evaluations of their acquiring and remitting infrastructure. You can contact NeoPay to receive additional options available as a result of the newly-confirmed agreement with Naspay.