Redesign Payment Page

The Importance of Design

People usually associate design with aesthetics, with how things look. Even though this is not wrong, it does not tell the whole story. Design does so much more than just make things look better – it enhances the message you’re trying to convey, it makes clearer and helps your target audience understand and digest it much quicker and easier.

These principles are engraved and embedded in our philosophy here at Naspay so when we decided to revamp our Payments Page, we knew exactly where to start from.

What Has Changed

We have completely redesigned our Payment Page, providing you with the opportunity to tokenize cards, perform one-click payments and select from a wide range of color schemes to suit the style of your business. Let’s take a look.

Card Tokenization

Card tokenization refers to the process of safeguarding confidential information by replacing it with an algorithmically generated number called a token. Tokenization is used as another layer of security when using Naspay.

New Design

Any way you look at it, looks matter. Our new color palette allows you to establish brand identity and spark a creative flair on the Payments page.

One-Click Payments

By saving the important and necessary information, you can now fast-track your payment process with a simple click. Easy, fast and accessible.

To learn more about our newest additions, contact our team.